Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Bean Boozle   27-7-17

This morning Whaea Raewyn bought bean boozles to school  for the class, from Aunt Marthas in Auckland.Some bean boozles were yuck and stink.My  bean boozle was yum and it smelt like nothing it was light green and dark green.

When the class smelt their  bean boozled they looked funny.It smelt like nothing.It felt lumpy and hard.

My bean tasted like juicy pear and grass clipping.When we tasted our first one some people had a nasty one and some had a delish one. My one was delish, the people who had a nasty one were acting like they were vomiting.Our last one we were laughing I had a yuck one it was colorful.It was hard,soft and squishy some people had yuck one’s it sould like a hole bunch of pig’s crying it was funny, I laughed.

It was cool doing the challenge it was fun.I was devastated when I had a yuck one.It was a big bowl filled of  bean boozled.The class was noisy.

By Lytrell

Monday, 22 May 2017


Should Whaea Raewyn cut her here

I believe that Whaea Raewyn should cut her because she had very long but now she has short hair.Whaea Raewyn cut her hair because Lorrell got a new haircut. Lorrell was sad because she had a haircut because she thort it was embarrassing.

Me and Lorrell cut whaea raewyn hair.Once we started  to cut it, It got shorter and shorter and lots of her hair dropped to the ground.  The whole class was is very short now.

Lorrell was not ok about her hair.But now she is ok. Me and Lorrell cut whaea raewyn hair it look’s cool.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Nau mai haere mai ki tēnēi taonga

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